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Why Us
Acton Corporation is a free service! There are no hidden costs when using Acton Corporation. Acton Corporation operates as a business associate and charges the 3rd party requestors for medical records and is capable of providing service to paper based facilities, EMR facilities as well as those on a hybrid system.
Acton Corporation will provide service without limitations! Most ROI companies feel courtesy copies are costly, time consuming and either will charge you to copy them, will not copy them, or will limit the amount they will copy, typically at a rate of 2 courtesy for every 1 billable. Acton views courtesy copies a little different. We feel they are an important part of your patient care service and should be processed in a timely manner.
Acton Corporation will provide your facility with a tracking and disclosure reporting system, Accutrac, at no cost! Accutrac is a unique and highly innovative system that allows your facility to track the: who, what, when, where and why of all medical records requests. This allows patient disclosure reports to be produced at any time with the touch of a button. Again, this is free to our facilities where as other companies are charging you a fee for an inferior system.
Acton is local! Acton Corporation is based in Birmingham with regional offices located throughout the southeast. Acton Corporation offers remote services not remote management support. Acton Corporation is there when you need us, not days or weeks later.
Acton contracts fit your needs! The competition will hold you to a long term contract that can be difficult to break away from or may not remain current with your facility's changing needs. Every Acton contract is tailor made for your facility. It can be revisited by Acton and the facility or voided by the facility for any reason at any time.
Acton staffs your facility with highly trained ROI Specialists! Other companies often forget why your organization choose to outsource to begin with. Acton Corporation understands you want assurance and consistency. Assurance that all requests are being processed accurately, in a timely manner, in compliance with all state, federal, and HIPAA requirements and done so on a consistent basis. Our employees are trained in all aspects of Release of Information and have a thorough understanding of HIPAA and how it applies to their position.
Acton Corporation is reliable! Your facility deserves reliable coverage. Other companies are spread too thin and do not provide your facility coverage when employees are out, on vacation or just need extra help. Acton does... we provide you with the assurance that your facility will never go without the ROI coverage you depend on.
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