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ROI Services
From Paper Records to Electronic Solutions    

Acton Corporation has been established to enable clinics and medical facilities to release medical information in the most efficient, easy and timeless manner. Based on a highly experienced and specialized team, we will handle the entire ROI process without interfering with your daily practice.

It doesn't matter if your records are on paper or on electronic media - we can handle both types of information. For paper based charts we will bring our own copier, paper and supplies. For electronic based records we can securely access the information and process each request according to HIPAA standards.

Our service representative will make sure that any release of information is authorized and that it fully complies with the federal, state and HIPAA guidelines. The original request letter and authorization are then signed and dated. The requested information is identified and copied.

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At the end of the process all the requests will be logged into an alphabetized log book that will be kept in your office or added to our computerized Accutrac System. This database can be easily accessed in case you receive calls from requestors. We will also provide your office with our toll free help-line, which can be used by insurance companies or attorney's offices alleviating your staff from follow up calls.

Acton Corporation will handle the entire process in the most reliable and professional way, providing the right information to the right people in the shortest time possible.

Hospital Services

Acton Corporation offers a wide range of Release of Information services for hospitals and healthcare organizations. From a part time assigned representative to a fully staffed department, you can rest assured that Acton Corporation will meet all your Release of Information needs.

Shared Services

Some healthcare providers are hesitant to outsource the ROI function or would like more control over what is being released.  Shared services allows you to determine what is released while we handle invoicing, collections and requestor’s phone calls."
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