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Scanit is a highly efficient method of converting exhausting paper medical records into digital records. Scanit provides everything you need to ease this conversion process, turning long hours of hard work into quality time.

Whether you are scanning documents into your new EMR/EHR system or using our customizable software to store or archive records, Scanit is your best solution. Scanit charges a very affordable price per page, including labor, equipment, and software.

Document Imaging Solutions
transforms paper charts to electronic format (PDF)
staff can work onsite or offsite
provides a legal digital copy of your old charts
will drastically decrease your EMR turnaround time
is designed specifically for the medical industry
can fit your budget with monthly payment options
offers 128 bit encryption to protect your records
Turning Paper to Paperless

Scanit specializes in providing every component needed to convert paper medical records to digital records. Whether you are scanning documents into your new EMR/EHR system or using our customizable software to store or archive records; Scanit charges a low price per page that includes all labor, equipment, and software.

Scanit's skilled employees can swiftly convert your paper charts into an identical digital format. Scanit stores your records in a PDF file format that is the standard for most governments and is quickly becoming the standard of the medical industry.

Scanit's service operates under a business associates agreement and is completely HIPAA compliant. The finished result is a legal, easily accessible original copy of your paper medical records.

Flexible Pricing for Complex Needs

Price is a major concern for any medical facility and organization. That's why Scanit offers several pricing options that can be easily matched with almost any budget. The key factors in Scanit's flexible pricing structure are strictly based on your customized applications. You'll be the only one to decide what services your office needs and what fits your budget.

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