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Direct Release
Document Imaging, Hipaa, Medical Health Records, Hitech Act, EMR, Electronic Medical Record, Protected Health Information, EHR, Electronic Health RecordDirect Release:    Is our answer to the digital age of medical records.  Direct Release is an all inclusive service and software that allows our employees to process your medical records requests and allows Acton Corporation’s office to provide instant access to the requestor.  Acton Corporation has improved on their reliable ROI service by allowing requestors instant access to their requests upon payment. Direct Release provides a safe, secure and accurate release of information service for the age of electronic medical records.

Benefits of using Direct Release

Gives EMR/EHR a flexible way of sending only the information that has been requested instead of the entire chart.
Allows for paper based practices to send medical records electronically.
It speeds up the ROI process which in turn reduces phone calls.
Utilizes the latest technologies to send records electronically that comply with HIPAA and the HITECH ACT.
For patient disclosure purposes it can track exactly what was sent out per the request.
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