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The effective and reliable processing of Release of Information is very important, but tracking and reporting the released information is also essential. Being well aware of the great importance of the accurate tracking of released information, Acton Corporation has developed one of the most useful and advanced tracking tools – the Accutrac.

The Accutrac is a state of the art tracking and disclosure system. As a network compatible tool it can be connected to any operational network and customized to fit the client's specific needs.

As a medical clinic or organization you can use the Accutrac to ensure that all the released information and disclosure reporting are HIPAA compliant. Moreover, one of the core benefits of Accutrac is its comprehensive reports system, which allows you to keep up with processed and unprocessed reports along with turnaround time on all records released.

HIPAA compliant disclosure reporting
Network compatibility
Create customized reports
Customized to fit your specific practice
User defined drop down list for record type, disclosure type and record status
Calculates turn around time on all disclosures.
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