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Why Us
Acton Corporation is a free service! There are no hidden costs when using Acton Corporation. Other companies will charge you for postage, non-billables, retrieval, a disclosure systems or even a flat monthly fee. ...
Event News
Celebrating our 18th year in business
To release medical information from an EHR requires a knowledgeable and well trained employee to search through the EHR and recognize the specific information being requested. Our Direct Release software allows us to release only the requested ...

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Acton Corporation
is a leading Release of Information service, specializing in managing and monitoring the release of health information. Utilizing a unique HIPAA compliant computerized tracking and disclosure system, Acton guarantees that all the information you're requested to provide will be processed in a timely and professional manner. Acton Corporation has the capabilities to provide service to paper based facilities, hybrid facilities, as well as local and remote services for EMR facilities.

Today's complex healthcare environment combined with dynamic patient needs, demand closer alignment with efficient, accurate and confidential information release. Identifying this process, Acton developed an innovative information release strategy which increases performance, accelerates delivery and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Based on many years of experience, Acton Corporation sets the industry standards in our marketplace, reflecting a dramatic advance over traditional solutions. Our team is highly specialized in the process of releasing authorized health information on a timely basis, in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Over the past years we have earned the loyalty of highly praised healthcare facilities and organizations which rely on us to manage the process of medical information release. Our facilities trust Acton Corporation to provide the consistent, efficient, and reliable service that has made us a recognized name amongst healthcare administrators.

We look forward to hearing from you. We anticipate a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Thank you for considering our services.

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